Intention Manifesto

I want simple things, and I will bring them to me.

I will be happy in my life.
I will be happy in my skin.

I will love myself with every fibre of my capable being. 
I will first direct my love inward instead of pouring it out.
I will accept my past as part of my history, and allow myself to 
move forward.
I will love my mind as it is, flaws and all.
I will treasure my memories and learn from my mistakes.
I will forgive myself.

I will listen to myself first.
I will honour my scars as the war medals they are.

I will be forthcoming about my feelings.
I will put my needs first.
I will take the time to sort through my thoughts.
I will say no when I want to.
I will say yes when I want to.
I will be authentically and unapologetically me.
I will nourish my mind, body and soul as I see fit.

I will.
I will.
I will.
Because I am worthy.

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