Since I was
seven years old
I sought comfort
in a magical world.

When my world
became too much,
I took a train to
a special school. 

I made friends
with witches and
wizards, when the kids
like me were too mean. 

I flew in the sky
on a broomstick
and travelled far
away from my problems. 

I fought trolls
and dragons,
with a simple
swish and flick. 

I saw people live
the lives they were meant to 
live, and be unapologetically 

I watched people
rise to challenges
and achieve dreams
they never knew they could dream. 

I read stories
of people I 
wished were a 
part of my reality. 

I saw souls being
sucked out of innocent
people, and was reminded
that everyone has demons. 

Between worn out pages
and scratched DVD’s
the Boy Who Lived
always set me free.


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