Reparable Brokenness

They saw
my struggles
and me
as problems
that needed to
be fixed. 

I did not know
any different,
so I believed 
them and I
searched for
ways to fix
myself so that
they would be happy.

But I came 
up empty handed. 

I never should
have felt that I
was a problem 
that needed fixing;
I should have
seen how my 
hardships made
me stronger.

I should have
seen that I
possessed such
immense resilience;
that would one
day save me. 

I should not
have felt like
a burden,
or a secret 
being kept. 

I needed 
not to be told
I was too sensitive
and that everyone
was not out to get me 

when that was how 
it seemed to me
and how 
I felt.

I was never
a problem;
much less an
unfixable one. 

I was broken,
I had the potential
to be put back 

I was hurt,
in need of 
a safe place
to cry. 

I had strength,
I just needed
 to show me
 was there. 

I was never 
the problem,
but I navigated 
the real ones
on my own. 


3 thoughts on “Reparable Brokenness

  1. This poem hit me in the gullet.
    You write things which make me think, and this is another amazing poem.
    One thing – I belong to an online writers group. We write critiques on each other’s work, so I’m used to giving and receiving advice on poetric details; I hope you don’t mind – there’s one phrase which I think could be improved by a small change. In the second stanza you write:

    I did not know
    any different,

    may I recommend:

    I knew
    no different.

    I’m only throwing out a suggestion. That phrase seems to me like a slightlly crooked tooth in an otherwise perfect mouth, but you’re the author, and change or no change, this is a great poem.


    Liked by 1 person

      1. Even after exhaustive edits I often miss improvements I could make. It’s disastrous forme to read a poem I wrote a year or more ago 🙂
        I’m relieved that you weren’t offended by my audacity 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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