The Space Between Then & Now

I used to be so
confused and afraid
of my own mind
that I marked my 
body each time I
felt confusion or fear. 

I drew blood
hoping to draw
conclusions and answers;
I craved a visible reasoning
for my invisible pain. 

I am still
confused and afraid,
maybe more than I
was then;
but now instead
of spilling blood
I spill ink. 


8 thoughts on “The Space Between Then & Now

  1. This is so inspirational, you! You’re doing a great job by using ink instead of blood. Spilling blood doesn’t serve any purpose to you or others. But, when you spill ink, God, does it help 😘💖💖
    I’m sure there are so many of the people out there who’ll be inspired by this form of release. Hang on, we need your magic, desperately.


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