I like to watch
movies that
I have seen before. 

I like that I 
know what
to expect. 

I wish that I
had that luxury 
in my own life. 

I live my life
as if I were hanging
off the edge of a cliff. 

I would love
to remove all
the uncertainty. 

I am tired
of living in 
fear of my shadow. 

I long to 
fal freely
into the world.

This life is not a movie
I cannot replay it
to prepare. 

No matter how 
many shoes I put on, 
I will always be waiting for one to drop. 


2 thoughts on “Juxtaposition

  1. semipoetry

    I honestly feel the same. Although a predicatble life is boring, i still wish i have a clue so that i’d be spared from overthinking what could happen next. Thanks for sharing your words 💙

    Liked by 1 person

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