The Former Princess

There once lived
a princess,
she lived in a palace
with a king and
a queen and  a
second princess.

Everyone who knew
her thought she
had it all;
not a problem to be

They saw the
palace standing tall,
the king and queen
living in harmony,
the expensive

They saw the
public facade.

What they did
not see was
the bag of
broken glass and
razor blades
that the princess
hid from the world.

They did not
see the cuts
she made,
or the tears
she cried,
or the pain
she concealed.

But one day,
the princess
slipped and
everyone knew
her secret.

They all stared
and whispered
as she walked

They were not
whispers of
concern or
but of
doubt and disgust.

It was the
that she
saw that the
world was not
a fairytale,
and she did not
want to be a
princess anymore.


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