The Chameleon

The chameleon spoke to me
in words of silver and gold.

He wrapped me up in
everything he said.

Without warning and without cause
his words turned to daggers
but I was still tied up
and there was no way out.

The colours of his words
could change in an instant;
they went from the silver and gold that I knew
to fiery red and the blackest black.

There was no conceivable reason
and to this day
the thought still
makes me shudder.

People think they
know better;
that it will never happen to them.

I thought the very same things
until it happened to me.

They told me that
sticks and stones will break bones
but words will never hurt.

But there were times
that the words cut deeper
than any stick or stone could have.

There ere times
when the fiery, red words
pelted me with the strength of a thousand stones.

And the cold, harsh
black words
made me forget everything I believed to be true.

It was then
when the chameleon spoke to me
in red and black,

That I learned the true
power of words.

Bruises fade and
scars become less visible.

But after six years
I can still hear those words
and feel that hurt as strongly
as I did at sixteen.

I knew better.
It will never happen to me.
He says he loves me.
He does not hurt me on purpose.

I was so very naive
and wrong
about all of it.

And today,
six years later,
I cannot fathom
how I let myself get tangled
in a web of hurtful, colourful and untrue


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