From the Heart

If I ever gave
My body
The apology it

It would go
Like this…

I am sorry
For not being
Able to see
You as you
Really were.

What I saw was
Misinformed and twisted.

I am sorry
For believing
That my worth
Was decided solely
Based upon your size.

We are worthy of love
And respect at any size.

I am sorry
For depriving you
Of what you
And for pushing you
Further than you could

I should have listened to
The signs you gave me.

I am sorry
For abusing you
In ways I
Knew were inherently

I should have practiced
What I preached.

I am sorry
For saying that
Each time was the
Last time when it
Never was.

I lost all control
When control was what I needed.

I am sorry
For pitting us
Against each other
And for letting us
Believe it was

We should not be
Each other’s worst enemy;

But we were.


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