He Sees Through Me

He traces the outlines
Of each and every scar,
With his rough
And calloused fingers.

He sees the parts
Of me that I am
Ashamed of,
But he loves them anyways.

He knows all of
My inner workings,
My dreams and
My fears.

He heals me
When he touches
The parts of me
That I wish I could cut off.

He lifts me up
When I am at
The rockiest of bottoms,
He never gives up on me.

He knows that
When he kisses
My stomach that
I am afraid.

He loves
With all his heart.
Even though it has been broken before,
He still gave it to me to hold.

He sees right through
My broken shell,
And he takes the time
To put me back together.

He knows that
My fears are painted on my body,
They show up as the stretch marks;
But he unfailingly loves each and every part of me.


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