Boxes, Columns and Rows

From the second we were born,
We were put in boxes, columns and rows.

We are sorted like laundry,
But it is not what we chose.

They did not ask us,
They just went ahead and assumed.

One day they will all see
We are still seeds that have not yet bloomed.

We all had such opportunities
And potential not realized.

We deserve to be at liberty to choose
And cherished and prized.

As we grew older,
Our defiance swelled.

What did they expect?
Of course we rebelled. 

We did not decide any of this,
And we will not just accept.

Too often have our faces been laughed at;
Under the carpets our desires have been swept.

But now we all stand together,
Hand in hand we are strong.

We now place ourselves;
Because their boxes, columns and rows were wrong.


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