Push and Pull

I used to dream of castles,
Princesses and princes all of it.

Little did I know
How hard the world could hit.

I used to tell myself
That one day I would have it all.

They never thought to warn me
About how it felt to fall.

They shied away from sharing
Stories like my own.

I wish they would have told
I wish people would have known.

They sent me into the world blind
They set me up to fail.

I used to be the best kept secret
But now I am a cautionary tale.

They never asked me
They sure as hell never told.

Because years ago when it started
It was easier just to fold.

But now they tell it all
They shout from rooftops far and near.

I never asked to be your poster child
All I wanted was an ear.

This story was mine to tell
But I never had the chance.

I know their intentions were pure
But they did it without a second glance.

Everyone says I am lucky
And in some ways they are right.

So now when I get hurt
I feel like I cannot fight.

Being blessed or lucky
Does not make me bulletproof.

It does not get rid of problems
There is no magic – no poof.

Now I dream of normalcy
Because the world hit me hard.

I may have learned to live with things
But I will always be on guard.

They do not know my struggle
They do not know my strife.

Please do not take my story
It is as costly as my life.


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