She came into this world alone.
But she wanted nothing more

Than to leave it the opposite.

She wandered the streets of life
Trying to navigate through the darkness;

She longed for the companionship of light.

For hours she travelled.
And worrying her search was in vain,

She yelled out for a sign.

With each corner she rounded
And every dark avenue she passed;

Her optimism dwindled.

How could she continue?
How could she push forward?

The darkness grew to be all consuming.

The light she craved was beginning to seem like a far off dream.
She was become weary

Then as she crossed yet another lightless street –

She saw a glimmer of hope.
But was it real?

Or was this the light that comes before the end?

She walked towards it.
Bold and unafraid,

She came to not one light, but many.

A cluster of streetlights
Were now showing her the way.

They called out to her saying her name.

Everything she had ever dreamed of
Was now illuminated in front of her;

Each and every fantasy was now realized.

She felt loved and accepted.
She felt wanted and needed.

She felt things she never felt in the dark.

The light was welcoming
Where the dark was cold and harsh.

In the light she had no inhibitions.

She was finally whole
The way she always longed to be.

Her hope was restored, her journey just beginning.

She came into this world alone
And feared she would depart the same

Now she walks hand in hand with streetlights
Bold and unafraid.


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