When it all becomes too much,
I close my eyes and paint.

I paint everything I have ever wanted,
It is all so perfect I could faint.

My imaginary world is almost identical to my reality,
I really do not ask for much.

The pictures I make are so vivid,
They look so real I can feel their touch.

What would be different?
What would I change, you ask.

It may seem simple,
But it is no easy task.

My perfect world…
Well first of all it is bright.

I do not worry all the time,
I appreciate the light.

I do not jump to conclusions,
I let myself have fun.

It may seem common,
But I can narrow it down to one.

In a perfect world of my design,
I am free.

It is all I have ever wanted,
I beg for it on my knees.

I am without “What ifs”
I am free of self-doubt.

I want it so bad
I scream and I shout.

The pictures are fading,
They all turn to grey.

As quickly as they were painted,
So too they go away.

Then my eyes open,
Back to reality I go.

I will continue hoping,
I will push onward blow by blow.


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