More than Meets the Eye

It’s not a quick fix.
It’s not a cure all.
It doesn’t give you a high,
But it can make you fall.
One will not work for the masses.
They are not all the same.
Sometimes it is not as simple
As what’s in a name.
There is more to their power,
But really it is less.
You say that you get it but you probably don’t
There is more to my story than simple stress.
I had hope and I had beliefs
That they would do the trick.
But I was so so wrong
I am still so sick.
It’s all trial and error
At least that’s what I’ve heard.
These don’t stop the tears
And now my vision is blurred.
I can take no more grief
I can take no more strife.
I never imagine for a second
That this would be my life.
The doctor had faith
She thought it might be right.
I figured it didn’t hurt to try
So I crossed my fingers tight.
No one knows what is coming
But come what may;
I will hope for the best
And take it day by day.


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