It’s like one big game show,
These lives we all lead.

We are taught we must want to win,
And that it is shameful to lose.

Competition is everywhere,
The world is so full of greed.

They push us too hard and we still do not stop;
But we have taken too much of their heartless abuse.

They breed us for slaughter –
A life none would want.

We are set up for failure,
Our hopes destined to crash.

We want off of this ride!
We scream not at all nonchalant.

There is power in numbers
So we try something brash.

We push back against them,
We use all of our force.

They begin to falter,
And we will not break.

We overtake them one by one,
There is not a shred of remorse.

It is over and we have won,
We are breaking new ground with each step that we take.



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