There comes a point
In all lives,

Where it all goes black.

Where you can’t see a thing
You stretch out your arms,

To try to feel out the track.

With no idea what’s ahead
You grow more and more frightened,

You yell out at God and wish this was a nightmare.

You try to think back
Wonder what you could have done wrong,

If I could go back I’d be different- I swear!

As your eyes adjust to the dark
You start to feel less alone,

There are others standing there and they’re not so different than you.

It all makes sense now
You have done nothing wrong,

It was never your fault at all- who knew?

You start to see the others
Their fear leaving their faces,

As it all became crystal clear.

It’s a part of life
And it’s okay to be scared,

Just remember this day being surrounded by peers.

When you’re in the dark
You are not without hope,

You are full and you are whole.

The light is not as far as it seems
But you are weary and you are tired,

The journey has taken its toll.

You are nearing place
Where the road seems to end,

So you strike up a run.

You notice the others are gone
And remember how you used to need them,

But now you know your own strength and now you need not one.


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