I Forgot

I told myself
I said it over and over,

Be careful with your heart
With your soul and with your pretty mind. 

It’s a scary place,
I know. But it can do beautiful things. 

So I powered through and I pushed on and
On my life went and my story continued

But I forgot so much in this few short
Years could not change my mind but they could make it forget.

I remembered why I stopped and what they all
Said I was over it, and I really thought I was.

But what I forgot
What I failed to remember was

How hard it was to stop how hard it is
When the loudest voice is your own telling you to

Do it now,
What’s the difference?

I forgot the way time stood still like a
Photo of a younger me

A me with less hate and less pain
But still with less to lose.

She looks less jaded and less guarded
But there is less hope in her eyes than the ones on my

Face it, she says to no one in particular
It doesn’t matter, none of it. 

Then out of nowhere
She just stopped.

She stopped thinking and wondering and
Questioning it all I realized it was me.

I am not what I was but
I am what I am because of it.

I forgot that too,
But it’s nice to remember.


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