By and By

One day he was spring.
He was warm and inviting,
Like that first warm day.
He was open and caring,
Like when the grass breaks through the snow.

Then he was summer.
He was hot and overwhelming,
Like those days where the heat is too much.
He was rapid and quick yet exciting,
The way the season break from school goes by too quickly, but is the most fun you have all year.

But then it changed to fall.
He became cool and dark,
The way the days get shorter. 
He was all consuming,
Like a new term of school.

It all came to a head in winter.
He became dangerous,
Like black ice on a dark road.
He became bitter and harsh,
Like the winter wind.

But then it starts again.
She got used to the routine,
The way she expected the seasons to change. 
She stayed out of habit, 
The way she changes her clothes with for the weather.


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