Cracked Smiles

Masks are unnatural,
But she longed to wear one to hide the truth,
So she fashioned a plastic smile over her ever sad mouth.

The world couldn’t see,
No she could not dare let them in,
For what would they say if they knew how she lived?

Heads would turn,
Loud voices would go to whispers,
She could lose the friends she had once called sisters.

How could it be,
This carefree young miss so full of promise and grace,
They would never believe she’d been this way since eight.

Afraid of the shadow,
The one she fabricated in her mind,
She was running from everything but still clutching that smile.

Some people would ask,
But none of them could make her believe,
She reminisced on the days when she was young and naive.

In her younger days she believed in love,
And she thought people cared,
But as she got older she grew more and more guarded.

Now push came to shove,
She had no clue what hit her,
Somehow it finally clicked and she knew it was bigger.

It was bigger than her,
It was bigger than this,
She was here for a reason and there were people she’d miss.

So she put herself first,
She let her feelings be known,
She let help in and let herself grow.

That smile that she fashioned was now in her pocket,
She had a real one on her face that was all her own,
She took that plastic smile and threw it then watched it blow.



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