You Have to Run Before You Fly

She looked in the mirror,
And did not like what she saw.

They told her to look inward,
But the inside was full of millions of thoughts whizzing by like speeding trains and she got confused.

She was unhappy with her outside,
She was confused by her inside.

She looked for answers in her friends,
But their answers were not enough.

She went to her family,
But it was not enough.

She needed answers and explanations,
She needed to know why her, why was this happening, what did she do wrong?


So she ran,
She ran fast and she ran hard.

She thought if she ran far enough,
She would find the answers she sought.

The further she ran,
The less hopeful she became.

When she finally ran out of breath,
She accepted that she had come up empty handed.

She thought back on her life,
The laughs and the tears and everything in between.

She then thought of her inside,
And she thought of her outside.

She realized that maybe, just maybe,
She wasn’t that bad.

She saw the flaws as unique,
And her whizzing thoughts as new and exciting ideas.

She considered all this,
She decided on one last try.

So she went home and thought,
“This time, I’ll fly.”


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