She Was a Tornado

The way she blew threw a mood,
Like a bat out of hell.

She was up and she was down,
She had a torrid love affair with extremes.

Her strongest smile could put a smile on the stoniest of faces,
Her heaviest tear could sink the largest ship.

There were times she moved so fast she became invisible,
But there were times she moved so slowly it was as if she was not even there.

People say she had two sides,
They said she was a personified double edged sword.

They said she would lure you with a kiss,
After that she would go in for the kill.

She had a talent for staying awake for days,
But then came the crash where she would sleep for what seemed like an eternity.

Her laugh was the kind that made everyone join,
There were days her tears were endless and she did not leave her room.

She was a tornado,
If you live through the whole thing;

There’s bound to be some serious damage.


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