Snap out of It

There once was a man. He lived in constant fear. Not of monsters that lived under his bed, but of those that had made their home inside his head.

He heard them everyday. They taunted him, called him names, made him forgetful and sluggish, and they made him feel small.

The only time he could escape them was when he was asleep. So in bed he would stay. He stayed there silent and still. He drifted in and out of sleep; but they found him. He could hear the distant cackle as the monsters attempted to enter his dreamland. He squeezed his eyes shut tight to try and block them out; to try and keep his safe place safe- but there was no use.

The cackles were no longer distant, they were the focal point of his dream and they were directed at him.

People asked him why he was so afraid, and he told them to look around; for the monsters were everywhere. The people all gave him the same confused look. The monsters were visible only to him.

“Are you crazy?”
“I don’t understand.”
“Snap out of it.”
“You just need a good sleep.”
They would tell him.

But for each person who told him this, there was a monster saying, “See? They think you’re crazy! But for you, we are as real as the air you breathe.” The monster began to laugh as the man looked on, horrified by what he had heard.

The man couldn’t understand why only he could see the monsters. He struggled trying to wrap his tired mind around it- with no luck.

But for now, the man was too tired to think anymore. He went to bed, knowing that not only did he still have to face the monsters, but he had to do it alone.  He sighed as he climbed into bed, wishing only for the ability to simply snap out of it.


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